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In 2009, Neecy Twinem developed and created ZombieZoo®, a world where idiosyncratic zombie animal characters live. The trademarked brand debuted with a line of plush toys, video and story book at the 2011 & 2012 International Toy Fair Expo in New York City. The brand demonstrates the unique talent and imagination found in Twinem’s art and illustration. ZombieZoo® has received national accolades and was exhibited at the 2013 and 2014 International Licensing Expo, Las Vegas. The brand is under rapid development for an animated series and a wide range of products

Meet the Zombies

ZOMBIEZOO’s lovable zombie animals are both cuddly and creepy. These adorable creatures are a family of fun loving animals including Boo the black cat, the natural born leader of the group and Stich a pig obsessed with hygiene. Along with their friends, Muck the "party animal" monkey, Rob the poetic rabbit and Toxic the competitive red snake. These adorable creatures are not quite normal animals and this is not quite a normal zoo. As best friends, the zombies journey through their zoo, discovering new things every day.

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Neecy Twinem is a Native American fine artist, toy designer, academic professor and author/ illustrator of over 32 children’s books published in several languages. 

Twinem has been working as a professional illustrator, author and artist and instructor for over 24 years, as well as have given presentations at numerous school, libraries, conventions and conferences across the country. She launched her children’s book career with her first title: Aye-Ayes, Bears and Condors, An ABC of Endangered Animals and Their Babies, published by Scientific American Books for Young Readers. Twinem’s fine art is found in numerous private and public collections around the country. She has her Masters of Fine Art and instructs and mentors artists of all ages, at universities and beyond. Currently she is faculty at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. Twinem developed the brand trademark titled, ZombieZoo® including the design, manufacturing and release of a plush toy line and books, which has attracted international attention. Currently Twinem has partnered with Totemic Brands, Inc., to produce an animation series based on the ZombieZoo® characters and content.

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